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When the going gets tough, a NUDGE gets you going

When the going gets tough, a NUDGE gets you going.

I feel like Ronan Keating was trying to express something similar until Boyzone got the nudge.

He also said when the going gets rough, the tough get rough but I feel that’s too soon after the Oscar’s #punchgate so we shall move swiftly on…

Making change can be hard.

But it doesn’t have to be.

You will rarely have motivation at the start.

Usually motivation is found after some form of action.

And sometimes the action needed is a good friendly ‘nudge’.

This can be in the form of a coach. I am a master at the friendly nudge. I will make your journey towards achieving your health goals as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.

But what I find most beneficial is empowering my clients to give themselves a nudge.

Giving yourself a nudge looks like making tasks easier for yourself.

NUDGE. Bulk cook your food so you have healthy, convenient and satiating meals for when you are too busy during the week. Why waste time, energy and money you don’t have on finding a last minute meal to eat? You already sorted it earlier in the week.

NUDGE. Pack your gym bag the night before and stick it in your car. Do you often sit in your car deciding whether to sack off the gym after work because you’re too tired? Well you’ve already packed your gym bag, its sitting right next to you in the car and you’ll feel like a right wally dragging a fresh bag of clothes back inside. In 30 mins you could have your workout done and dusted.

NUDGE. Stick your journal on your pillow when you make the bed in the morning. You are going to have to physically pick up the journal to get into bed and now it’s in your hand, you might as well write in it for 5 mins.

NUDGE. Want to get up earlier? Set an alarm on your phone/alarm clock and plug it in on the other side of the bedroom. Congratulations - you are rising (and maybe swearing rather than shining) to get up and turn off that alarm. It will now require more effort from you to go back to bed.

If you need a nudge of support, my messages are always open. I’d love to help and it makes my day when people message and say ‘hi’ 👋

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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