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Walking while you Talkie

Walkie while you talkie. Roger that. Who else used to love walkie talkies as a kid? I thought they were the bees flippin’ knees. “Come in Super Unicorn, this is Mrs Nesbitt. My mum says do you want to stay over for dinner? Do you copy? OVER AND OUT!!!” (Likely shouted loudly into a walkie talkie to my friend… stood right next to me!) Well do you want to know something? Big kids love walkie talkies too. So lets keep this dream alive… I’d like to encourage more walkie whilst you talkie. I think it’s one of the greatest movement hacks. Why not walk around the office whilst you’ve got phone calls to make at work? Or carve some time out in your day to go for a walk and call a loved one? Moving doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s actually often really simple. It’s the taking action part that is hard. But that’s where I can help make it simple. Send me a message if you need some more tips. And let me know below if you walkie while you talkie this week. Do you copy? Over/Over. ✌️ Big love, Meg 💛✨

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