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This word means a lot to me.

I am because we are.

I don’t believe you can be a human all by yourself. Humanity is made from a collective.

In fact, what makes us most human is our ability to connect. We are most human when we belong to a community because our personal growth depends on the love and wisdom shared by the people around us.

Team Meg Method is a place where you belong. We are a community. We support each other.

We are never in competition. We don’t feel the need to compare ourselves because we’ve grown to fully understand that no one is better than another.

When one of us succeeds, we don’t feel threatened, we feel inspired.

We don’t doubt our place because we know we’ve all worked hard to get there.

We appreciate that our teammate brings something to the world that we never could. We all have our own unique talents and strengths to bring to the table and we know that when we share our ideas with others, we all gain and are better for it.

No matter what our personal goals may be, we collectively believe in something greater than ourselves. We are reassured by the knowledge that what we can achieve together will always be infinitely greater than what we could achieve as individuals.

We celebrate each others successes because we understand that in order for us to win, others don’t have to lose.

And we mourn each others losses because we too have felt the heaviness of making sacrifices for something greater.

But we don’t let each other stay down. We pick each other up because there’s more change to be made and we need each other for inspiration.

We pass what we’ve learnt forward because we value the wisdom that was passed onto us.

We appreciate that you might be here and I might be there but we can still care about each other. We can still be aware.

We’ve learnt the importance of tapping into our own humanity to connect with someone else’s.

On Team Meg Method, our community success doesn’t come at the cost of our own personal success. It’s all the better for it.

So when you’re ready, we will be over here aware and caring. There is always a spot for you on our team.

You were just who we were missing.

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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