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A lot of people come to me and bravely ask for help.

But when doing this, they feel the need to justify their levels of effort leading up to this point.

You don’t need to justify yourself to me. I’m not here to judge you. And I’m certainly not here to judge your effort levels. I’m here to help you.

“You just don’t want it enough” or “you need to try harder” are phrases you will never hear come out of my mouth.

In fact, if you’re frustrated because you feel like you’re putting in all of this effort and not getting the results you want then I’d say lack of effort isn’t the problem…

Too much effort is. 🤷🏼‍♀️

You’re putting too much effort into the wrong things and you’re likely over thinking. You’re finding yourself stuck because you go all out at the start and can’t sustain your output. You’re putting in an unsustainable amount of effort that doesn’t fit your lifestyle or allow for flexibility and consistency.

This is where a coach can help you find out why you’re actually stuck and provide you with a sustainable method of moving forward towards your goals.

“Explaining is fear preparing it’s case but we are not on trial” - Glennon Doyle

Send me a message and let’s get you unstuck.

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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