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Snooze and shine

Snooze and Shine.

Last week, I was talking about how to give yourself a friendly nudge into taking action.

A number of you then messaged me to say that you need a good ole nudge in going to bed earlier.

Sleep is massively neglected and highly underrated when it comes to improving your health. Regular good sleep can affect so many areas of your health, so its awesome to hear so many of you are wanting to improve this!

So here’s some friendly nudge ideas to take action on catching those Zzzzzs:

NUDGE - Try and have your bedroom at a nice cool temperature (bonus - that’ll save you some money on your heating bill!)

NUDGE - Try and limit technology 60-30 mins before bed. What activities could you do away from the tech? Read? Journal? Creative activity? Talk to a loved one? Sit in silence and contemplate whether a Jaffa cake is in fact a biscuit? (On second thoughts that last one might actually keep you up at night!)

NUDGE - Put your book on your pillow. You’ll have to pick it up to move it, so you might as well read for a little while before bed now that its in your hand (bonus - sleep helps us consolidate what we’ve learnt during the day and helps our memory. You could wake up a genius!)

NUDGE - Set yourself a bed time alarm. You set one to remind you to get up. Why not set one to remind you to go to bed?


Let me know how you get on!

Please write any extra nudge ideas you have below ⬇️

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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