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Lots of you have messaged me recently about ways to get your step count up or have expressed an interest in getting into running.

Well get your best song playlists/podcasts at the ready and join the latest community challenge…


The challenge is simple:

Run/Brisk Walk/Walk each day (Monday - Friday) and add 0.5 miles each week.

Week 1 = 1 Mile

Week 2 = 1.5 Miles

Week 3 = 2 Miles

Week 4 = 2.5 Miles

Week 5 = 3 Miles

Tag @themegmethod on Instagram for every #RUNDUN / #WALKDUN so we can inspire and encourage each other over the next 5 weeks. Let’s hold each other accountable and get some daily movement DUN 👊

Week 1 - 1 mile a day! ☝️

Let’s go 🏄‍♀️🚀🔥

Any questions, just send me a message 😊

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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