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Out of reach

One of the biggest issues I see with training is the constant switch up of workouts.

Today, we live in an Amazon prime age where people want instant results and when they don’t, they are dissatisfied and switch it up.

This makes it difficult to track your progress and ironically takes SO MUCH LONGER to reach your goal. Your goal will always feel out of reach if you are constantly changing the direction to get there.

People know this yet they do it anyway. But why?

Imagine there’s 2 sisters called Edith (emotional brain) and Linda (logical brain).

Edith and Linda are saving to buy a house together. And it’s not going well. They have very different approaches to saving.

Edith (emotional brain) has a spending problem. She wants the house but she’s very much an in the moment kinda gal and finds saving very boring. She’s saving but feels she’ll never get there. So to cheer herself up, she decides to buy some furniture online. And when that chemical message (dopamine) slides into her brain inbox congratulating her for her purchase, she feels great again!

But that feeling doesn’t last long. She soon feels awful when her sister Linda (logical brain) finds out.

Linda’s livid. She points out that Edith’s impulse buying has taken away a massive chunk of their savings and its now going to take them even longer to save.

Linda’s forever telling her sister to mute her chemical text messages and think before she acts. She knows her way is quicker and more rewarding. Its hard but if they can show up and keep saving each month, they’ll soon have enough for their house. And it will be so worth it once they gets those keys.

But until Edith stops emotionally cutting corners, their goal will always be out of reach.

Learn from the two sisters.

Instant gratification only brings short term rewards.

You will reach your desired health goals but its going to take time and hard work to get there.

Be sustainable.

Be consistent.

Stop cutting corners.

Are you an Edith or a Linda?

Start investing now and you’ll soon have the keys to what you really want. 🔑

I can help you stay on track. Are you ready to put the work in?

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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