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Murder on the Dancefloor

Murder on the dancefloor

I’ll be honest… I’m really not the best dancer.

My dancing was once likened to an inflatable air person that lives outside car show rooms (I personally think this is the BEST. COMPLIMENT. EVER - swipe left to see me in action 😂🙌)

But regardless of my skill level or anyone else’s opinion, I LOVE dancing. It brings me joy, it gets me moving, I don’t have to take myself too seriously and it feels so good to just move for the fun of it.

Many clients have come to me having once loved an activity but they’d stopped doing it because they were worried they weren’t ‘good enough’ or that others might judge them. And they didn’t want to risk being judged because that wouldn’t feel good.

They were too worried about the outcome.

But the irony is, by stopping doing an activity you love, you have stolen your own joy. You’ve taken away your own experience of feeling good.

And I think it’ll be hard to find a person who doesn’t want to experience a joyful and happy life.

What’s the best way to live a joyful and happy life? Doing things that bring you joy and happiness.

Don’t let a focus on being the best, be a reason you miss out on feeling your best.

Because what’s the point of being the ‘best’ if you’re miserable when you get there?

It’s not a title worth winning.

I help coach people to enjoy the process more than the outcome. I help people find activities that make them feel good.

And I love celebrating with my clients the joy of returning back to activities they love.

Joy brings joy.

What is an activity you love to do just for the fun of it?

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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