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Mind the Gap

Mind the gap.

You could obsess over where their health is currently starting from.

So much so that you often don’t start.

Or you could fantasise over where you want to finish.

So much so that you often don’t finish.

But where the mind would be better focussed is on the gap in-between.

Now you could live life on the edge and stare into a gap of despair.

You could be one bad decision away from being on or off track.

One bad decision and all could be lost.

Or you could take a step back and appreciate the gap for its intended purpose.

As a space for you to travel through.

A space that has taken you this far.

And with a mindful approach, you can happily and sensibly continue to travel to your destination.

You are one good decision closer from where you want to be.

We’re all going places.

It’s up to you how you travel.

Just watch how you mind the gap.

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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