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Just a girl

Just a girl.

I’m just a girl who decided to go for it 🤷🏼‍♀️

At a young age, I experienced a lot of unkindness. I was kind anyway.

I grew up during a time when there were no girls football teams. I played anyway.

I got told if I stood up for others at school then I’d be bullied instead. I did it anyway.

I had an offer to move to the other side of the world despite never living in another country before. I moved anyway.

I wanted to run a marathon despite not being able to run to the end of the road. I ran one anyway.

I wanted to start a podcast despite having zero podcast experience. I created it anyway.

I got offered a job as a manager but I’d never managed anyone before. I took the job anyway.

I was told I’d never be successful in coaching individuals online. I coached them anyway.

Throughout life you are going to experience a lot of obstacles.

You’re also going to hear a lot of people tell you that you can’t get around them.

And they might be right.

But do it anyway 😘

Do you need some support but you’ve been too nervous to send me a message?

I think you know what to do...

And if you don’t?

I’m sending you big love anyway, Meg 💛✨

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