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I sat beside you and became myself

I sat beside you and became myself.

There are people in life who just make your soul happy.

They might be a romantic partner.

They might be a family member.

They might be a friend.

They might be a coach or a colleague.

They might be the person who takes your coffee order every morning.

They are not the last piece of the puzzle but they are an important piece that helps you see the bigger picture.

They help you understand what life is about: Connection.

When you find a mate who connects with your soul, it allows you to exhale the ‘you’ you’ve been holding in. They make being yourself feel like a gift.

Celebrate those people today.

Bask in the joy that their connection brings.

When you find a warm person, never let your appreciation go cold.

Happy love day. ❤️

I love you unconditionally.

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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