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"I'll never let go, Jack"

Well we all know how well that ended don’t we…

There was plenty of room on that plank for two people and yet not even a minute later, Rose couldn’t have prized poor Jack’s fingers off that piece of wood any faster.

But unfortunately, us humans can get in the habit of making promises we can’t or don’t want to keep. I find that if there’s no real plan or meaning behind a promise, then it makes promises hard to follow through.

And it’s one thing to push your lover into the North Atlantic Ocean but there’s little that feels worse than breaking a promise to yourself.

Start making promises that you actually feel aligned with.

Instead of grand promises that are hard to keep, try practicing making small promises that you know you can definitely follow through with. For yourself, this could look like 5 minutes of journaling each day or going for a ten minute walk at lunch time or trying to add at least one extra portion of vegetables to a meal. With loved ones this could look like arranging to meet them for a coffee instead of the big night out you don’t actually want to go on or sending a quick voice note if you’re too busy for a phone call.

Don’t be Rose. Don’t promise to never let go and then dip your lover quicker than a Dairylee dunker.

You don’t need 84 years of regret to carry around with you. ⚓️

Mean your words so that you can keep your words.

Small promises over time will soon result in big actions.

If you need some help with sustainable goal setting and accountability then send me a message.

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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