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Houston, we have a problem

Houston, we have a problem.

One of the biggest things I work on with my clients is perception of time.

Waiting sucks.

It’s boring.

It feels unproductive.

And there are few things more frustrating then waiting to achieve your goal.

This used to be a huge problem at Houston International Airport.

They were inundated with complaints about how long it was taking for customers to receive their baggage.

In response, they got more staff to help out and reduced the wait time by a couple of minutes.

But NO LUCK SUNSHINE, the 6 minute wait was still not good enough. The complaints still remained because WAITING SUCKS!

So the Airport went back to the drawing board.

They couldn’t make the baggage arrive any quicker because things take time, especially if doing it properly (nobody wants the wrath of the customer who receives back a suitcase of crushed Oreo’s!) but they could change people’s perception of how quickly the bags arrived.

So they lengthened the route to the baggage hall instead, meaning it now takes 7 minutes to walk there and 2 minutes of waiting.

Ironically, this now makes the time it takes customers to get their bags 3 minutes longer.

But do you want to hear something crazypants? They had a 100% drop rate in complaints. That’s right… ZERO complaints moving forward.

Why?! Because people FELT like the wait time in achieving their desired outcome was shorter.

So do you want to know my top secret to achieving your goals quicker?


On Team Meg Method, we don’t wait.

We are enjoying other parts of life and actively working towards our goals through daily actions.

Team Meg Method aren’t twiddling thumbs waiting for the outcome to arrive or obsessing over fine details and why our bodies or mindset aren’t changing fast enough.

We’re too busy being distracted by taking one proactive step forward at a time. We’re present and working on the process rather than worrying and stressing over our desired outcome.

If you’re tired of waiting to achieve your goal, send me a message and let’s start doing.

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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