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Get it out of the bin

Get it out of the bin. Hey, you ❤️ You know that thing you really wanted to do but you stopped doing it because it seemed too hard right now and you were worried that others would judge you? I have some questions for you to think over… What do you fear the outcome will be if you fail? Is this fear serving you? What could go well if you gave it a go? I can definitely understand your mindset. The fear of discontent that failing or judgement can bring can be scary. But I bet the fear of that feeling is not even a fraction of the discontent you’re feeling from missing out on doing something that you love. Because to avoid an outcome that might cause others to steal your joy, you have accidentally taken away your own joy. The best things are rarely easy but they are worth it. And I think it’s time to let joy lead for a change. It’s time to get passionate again. It’s time to get it out of the bin. 🗑 You never know who you’ll inspire 💫 I’m here and ready to cheer you on! Big love, Meg 💛✨

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