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Discomfort. Someone asked me the other day what I think people could benefit more from and they were really surprised by my answer... Discomfort. I think there is a lot to be learned from being uncomfortable. This doesn’t mean being unsafe, in physical pain or betraying yourself. A little discomfort in certain situations can actually be very healthy. Because your comfort zone is a zone. It has limits. And if you’re always spending your time within this zone, you never discover who you are and what you can achieve outside of it. And we can avoid discomfort in so many ways… We can lie - it’s uncomfortable telling the truth. We can overeat - it’s uncomfortable feeling a bit hungry. We can overwork - it’s uncomfortable facing our problems. We can hide - It’s uncomfortable showing up differently. We can play it safe - It’s uncomfortable trying something new. But do you know what’s really uncomfortable in the long run? Staying the same. I don’t want to feel uncomfortable looking back at my life and realising how much I didn’t do because of temporary discomfort. That’s a level of discomfort I don’t think I could handle. So instead, I’m committed to getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. All the best opportunities in my life have been born out of discomfort. It’s where innovation happens. The day you step outside of your comfort zone is the day you say goodbye to your limitations. Send me a message and tell me how you’re going to step out of your comfort zone this week 🚀 Bring on the uncomfortable inbox 😎💪 Big love, Meg 💛✨

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