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40 days

40 days.

Lent - the season of reflection before Easter begins.

Traditionally, this is a fasting season in the Christian calendar but many others now also participate in the practice as a test of willpower by giving up some of their favourite things for 40 days.

I think in life, we can so often focus on what we are giving up or missing out on, that we fail to appreciate what we have and what can be gained.

This year, instead of focusing on something to give up, I personally want to focus on giving back.

So check out 40 days of 5-10 meditation sessions on @themegmethod instagram.

In what can be an overwhelming world, I want to provide this community with a calm space to come together, pause, check in and reflect.

40 days of not resisting but PERSISTING. Gains, growth and gratitude 🤙

Although I am taking a different approach to Lent, my respect for anyone participating this year (traditionally or otherwise) remains the same. I’m inspired by your commitment and I’m cheering you on 👊👏💪

40 days and better for it. Let’s go. 🚀

With big love and gratitude,

Meg 💛✨

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