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By Meg Walker


24 MAR 2023

4 MEGNOTES - Personal thoughts that I would like to share with you.

2 CONVERSATIONS - Discussions that have inspired me this week.

3 RESOURCES - 1 quote, 1 resource and 1 idea to help you grow.

1 QUESTION - How would YOU answer it?



1. Learning how to pace yourself is a serious life skill. Not only in endurance sports but in general life too. So what does Pacing mean? The Oxford Language definition is ‘to move or develop (something) at a particular rate or speed’. But to me, pacing means balancing your energy output so that you don't burn out or get stuck in a rut. Whether you're running a marathon or working on a big project at work, it's important to pace yourself. Pacing yourself will help you sustain your effort over time and make it to the finish line.

2. Pacing yourself can also mean being kind to yourself and recognising your limits. We live in a world that values constant productivity and hustle. So it can be hard to remember that it's okay to slow down and take breaks. By pacing yourself, you can give yourself the time and space you need to recharge and avoid burnout.


3. I ask my clients to think of pacing like a game of chess. You need to plan your moves ahead of time and forecast for the obstacles in your path. Pacing yourself helps you avoid making reckless decisions that might backfire later on. Instead, you can take a thoughtful and strategic approach to achieving your goals.

4. So how can you get your pace 'just right?' Practice. Practice Practice. Practice helps you find your sweet spot. It helps you find the balance between challenging yourself and maintaining sustainability. Practice runs help you better understand the variables that can impact your pacing. Variables such as terrain, weather, and your emotional and physical state. Practice also helps you better understand yourself and your capabilities. A good tool to measure this is RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion. RPE helps you adjust your pace based on how you feel both physically and mentally. Use this feedback to then practice as much as possible. And remember learning from mistakes is all part of the process. Through failing you’ll learn what success looks and feels like for you.  And if something isn't working for you? Pivot and use the many other pacing strategies available. Such as following a plan, interval running, using music to maintain pace, and running with a group.


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THE MEG METHOD: How To Get Your Pacing 'Just Right'

This episode of THE MEG METHOD is for anyone struggling with figuring out their pacing. In this episode, I share my knowledge and experience on understanding the art of pacing. I talk you through the impact of external factors such as terrain and weather. As well as internal factors like emotional and physical state. I also coach you on how to find your pace on different terrains including trails and treadmills. You'll also discover six different pacing strategies to try out.


If you haven’t listened yet, please listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. You can also watch on Youtube.


THE RUNNER'S WORLD UK PODCAST: Chris Thompson: How to run your best 10k race

In this episode of The Runner's World UK Podcast, they speak to Chris Thompson. Chris Thompson is one of Britain's best distance runners. In this episode he discusses training techniques, pacing and how to approach different distances. 

Check it out on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. You can also watch on Youtube.



"Life is a marathon, not a sprint; pace yourself accordingly." - Amby Burfoot

Pacing yourself is not only valuable in training but an important life skill. Knowing your limits. Knowing when to push. Knowing when to pull back. Trusting the power of consistency and how it will get you further than anything else. These are all huge life skills. Learning how to pace yourself builds a better understanding of yourself and helps you trust your abilities. Pacing helps you to keep showing up. 


Strava Race Calculator by STRAVA

Math not your strong point? Me too! Technology can be scary but it can also be your best friend. This Strava Race Calculator calculates your finish time based on your expected pace. Give it a go!



You'll rarely find the right pace on your first go. Pacing is a skill and just like any skill, it's takes practice to get it 'just right'. 

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“What is the right pace for me today?”

(Why not use this week's big question as a journal prompt to check in with yourself and notice what pace your mind and body needs today).
Want to share your discoveries? Send me a DM on Instagram @themegmethod or email me.
Your life. Your pace. Don't try and run someone else's race. 


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  • My Kind of People Podcast: Learn from some of the most incredible minds on the planet. Each episode, I speak with leaders and community members from across the world who all share a passion for positive change. Available to watch on Youtube or listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or via your favourite podcast platform.

Be kind. Breathe deep. Speak soon.

Big love, Meg x

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