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By Meg Walker


28 APR 2023

4 MEGNOTES - Personal thoughts that I would like to share with you.

2 CONVERSATIONS - Discussions that have inspired me this week.

3 RESOURCES - 1 quote, 1 resource and 1 idea to help you grow.

1 QUESTION - How would YOU answer it?



1. Have you ever experienced 'the dip' after achieving a significant goal in your life? The dip is more common than you think. It can happen after following any big goal. Fitness or unfitness related. This feeling can be overwhelming. Especially if following a long-term goal that required a lot of time, effort and resources. Following this goal, you may feel lost and aimless, wondering what your next step should be.


2. To help my clients navigate the dip, I first make them aware that it is a natural part of the process. I explain to them that the dip is temporary, and it won't last forever. Then, we work together to work out the next right step for them. This might look like a period of rest or often we set new goals and develop a new plan to keep them focused and motivated. This helps them regain a sense of purpose and direction.


3. Navigating the dip can look different depending on the person. For you this might mean taking to relax and recharge or learning how to just 'be'. For someone else, this could be setting a new challenge to focus on. Setting new goals can give people something to work towards and keep them motivated. Relaxing and taking a break can help people recharge their batteries. However you choose to navigate it, I find the dip is always better navigated with support. This could be support from an experienced coach. Support could also be just letting your friends and family know how you are feeling. Seeking support can help you feel less alone and provide a support system to rely on during tough times.


4. It's important to remember that the dip won't last forever. "This will also change" is one of my favourite life mottos. It's the only real thing in life that we can be sure of. Life undulates. The highs and the lows will come and go. But with the right mindset and support, you can come out of the dip even stronger than before. The dip is an opportunity to grow, learn, and develop resilience. This can help you tackle future challenges with confidence and strength.


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THE MEG METHOD:  How To Overcome the Post-Goal Dip

In this episode, I talk about "the dip" - the feeling of emptiness that can set in after achieving a major fitness goal. Listen as I share my personal experience after my first Ironman and how I help my clients navigate this common post-goal phase. I emphasize the importance of having a plan in place, seeking support, and knowing that the dip won't last forever. If you're feeling the post-marathon blues, this episode is for you!

If you haven’t listened yet, please listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. You can also watch on Youtube.


THE MEG METHOD: Free Coaching Call

Struggling with working out what do next? Feeling like you've lost direction in your life? You could just be one conversation away from changing your life for the better. Sometimes the conversations we are avoiding are the conversations we need the most. Through my website I offer free (no strings attached) coaching calls. This is an opportunity to tell me where you are currently at on your health and fitness journey and get some free tips on how to choose your next best step. 


Book your free coaching call here.



"You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it." - Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou's quote teaches us that encountering setbacks and difficulties is not a sign of defeat, but rather an opportunity for personal growth and discovery. It's natural to experience dips after achieving a significant goal, but rather than seeing this as a failure, we can use these dips as a chance to reflect and learn about ourselves. When we face challenging times, it's important to see the opportunities and believe in our abilities to overcome them. By adopting this mindset and approach, we can emerge from the dip even stronger and more resilient than before, armed with new skills, insights, and perspectives that we can use to tackle new challenges with renewed vigor and confidence. When we choose to see dips as opportunities for growth and learning, we can transform them into stepping stones towards achieving even greater success in our lives.


This Will Also Change by THE MEG METHOD

My instagram is full of free resources to help you improve your endurance performances and get yourself into a good mindset. Here I share with you one of my favourite stories regarding navigating the ups and downs of life. It's a story I heard during my Vipassana Meditation retreat and its stuck with me ever since. So much so that I got the words 'This will also change' engraved on a silver ring that I wear every day. I hope this story can be as valuable to you as it has to me. No matter what dip you are currently navigating, just remember 'this will also change'. 


Don't be scared of the post-goal dip. Be prepared for the post-goal dip.


It's natural to experience a down after such a euphoric high of achieving your goal. But with a little bit of preparedness and using the resources available to you , you'll discover that there are so many more highs to look forward to in the future. 

The Dip.png


“What is one thing you are proud of right now?”

(Following a big goal, we often don't take the time to appreciate and reflect on our accomplishment. Why not use this week's big question as a journal prompt to reflect on what you are proud of). 
Want to share your discoveries? Send me a DM on Instagram @themegmethod or email me.
Don't forget to pause and appreciate how far you've come.


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  • 1-1 Coaching: An opportunity to work closely with me through live Masterclass sessions or bespoke monthly training plans. Whether your goal is around fitness, nutrition, mindset and/or breathwork, I can help you create lasting change (and I’ll prove to you that you can still enjoy life while doing so).

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 2. Fitness, health and mindset coaching advice via my two podcasts:

  • THE MEG METHOD Podcast: A podcast that provides you with actionable advice and tools on how to create a foundation for better health. Available to watch on Youtube or listen on SpotifyApple Podcasts or via your favourite podcast platform.

  • My Kind of People Podcast: Learn from some of the most incredible minds on the planet. Each episode, I speak with leaders and community members from across the world who all share a passion for positive change. Available to watch on Youtube or listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or via your favourite podcast platform.

Be kind. Breathe deep. Speak soon.

Big love, Meg x

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