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You're speaking my language

You’re speaking my language.

For a number of years, I worked with vulnerable learners of all ages who didn’t have English as their first language.

When I first met them, they would be brand new to the UK, barely spoke more than a few sentences of English and rarely knew anyone.

That could be an incredibly lonely and vulnerable position to be in.

I decided I wanted to do everything I can to change that.

So to immediately try and make them feel welcome and form a connection, I would get google translate up in their language on my phone and I would ask them one question…

“What is your favourite word/phrase in your language?”

The warm smile and relieved exhale I would receive in response every time was priceless.

It was the response of someone who felt seen.

Who appreciated the small reminder of home.

Who felt grateful that in that moment I was willing to be a vulnerable learner too.

And we each found joy in taking an opportunity to connect and learn something new from each other.

Starting a new fitness journey can be challenging.

It can place you in situations way out of your comfort zone and at times it can feel like you’re speaking another language.

But I promise that there will always be someone who want to make you feel more welcome in fitness spaces.

There will always be someone who wants to connect with you.

There will always be someone willing to speak your language.

You just need to be brave enough to ask for help.

My messages are always open.

Big love, Meg 💛✨

(P.s. My favourite word I learnt from a student was “kartoffelpuffer”. It’s the German word for Hashbrown. And I just think that’s outstanding.)

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