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You can’t please everyone. You are not a Taco

You can’t please everyone. You are not a Taco.

Brutal honesty from me today, I know.

Sorry to ruin your day.

I think I’ve also just ruined my own with this truth.

But alas, we are not tacos.

We are beautifully imperfect humans.

And you’re not going to please everyone.

Trying to please everyone can result in you pleasing no one. Including yourself.

And will often result in you feeling disconnected from yourself because you are not being authentic.

Fitting in means trying to change yourself to be accepted by others. Belonging means being yourself and trusting that this is enough.

But to be yourself you need to first know yourself.

I always try to lead with the truth.

I ask myself:

What are my values?

What brings out the best in me?

Then I work to make sure my actions align with my answers to these questions.

You can’t please everyone but you can please someone.

So why not start with yourself?

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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