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You are not limited by your abilities. You are limited by your point of view.

Fitness is for everyone.

It might not look the same. It might not always be optimal. It might need to be adapted.

But fitness is for everyone.

I was told on several occasions that online fitness coaching opportunities for people who have autism would not work out. Here are just a few of the reasons I was given:

Poor relationship with health. Lack of connection. Lack of eye contact. Poor concentration. “It would be impossible unless you are in the room with them.”Fitness is not a priority. Do not like structure. Cannot accept change. High levels of irritability. Short tempered. No self awareness. No social awareness. Poor communication skills. Short attention span. Poor balance. Cannot take instruction well. Not responsive to feedback. Poor mental health. It could ruin your reputation.

My response? Absolutely, BUGGER THAT 🙅🏼‍♀️

If my reputation isn’t for being a coach that is kind and welcoming to everyone, then I don’t want it.

And if I don’t agree with something, I will always take 1 of 2 options… either work to change it or I change my reaction to it.

And I passionately disagree, so I’m passionately going to make change.

At least 50% of my clients have some form of learning difficulty. 3 are people with autism. All of them I coach online in either 1-1 or group programs. They’ve all been committed to working with me for well over a year. They smashed their fitness and personal goals last year. They have the same core issues as everyone else. I learn from THEM as much as they learn from me and they are some of the most authentic, hard working, committed, kind, smart and inspiring people I know.

They’re not limited by their abilities, they’re limited by other peoples beliefs of them.

If you think the sky is the limit, then you have a limited point of view.

I hope the client feedback can be a great example of what can be achieved when we don’t place limitations on ourselves or others.

If you think fitness is not accessible to you, for whatever reason, then please send me a message because I’d love to help change that belief. My DMs are always open ☺️

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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