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Wiggly Worm

Wiggly worm.

Donation no 12 to the friendly NHS Vampires 🧛‍♀️🩸

This still genuinely blows my mind.

There was a time where I thought I’d never manage donation no 1.

Following a bad blood test exam as a teenager, I couldn’t stop my body from reacting badly if someone touched the inside of my arm.

I wanted to donate.

I knew I was safe.

I thought my reaction was silly.

I had a really powerful and personal reason for wanting to do it.

But I couldn’t stop my body’s response.

I thought I would never be able to get passed this barrier.

My willpower alone wasn’t enough.

Then my 25th birthday rolled around and I booked a same day appointment. I stopped waiting for change to come and I took action instead.

I asked my dad to drive me there. This made me accountable and feel supported.

When I got there, I asked for help from people more experienced than me because I was really nervous. My vulnerability was met with kindness, support and guidance.

I sat in the chair and focused on my breath. I accepted it was going to be uncomfortable and challenging but one step at a time had gotten me to that chair and with every small action, I set myself up to succeed.

I was a wiggly worm for the whole donation. I looked like a fish out of water trying to flop back into the sea 😂

But I did it. And every donation since, I’ve found myself a little less wiggly.

Your health journey may look similar.

You have a barrier in front of you that you think you will never be able to get past.

You are waiting for the day where you feel ready and comfortable.

You feel ashamed because you feel like your personal reason to change should be enough.

But often it isn’t. Our mind is incredibly powerful but it has no true power without action.

Change is often uncomfortable. Challenges are challenging.

This can’t be avoided but you can make it easier for yourself.

Build yourself a ladder with your actions.

Ask yourself, will this action help bring me a step closer in climbing over this barrier?

We may still be wiggly worms my friends but who cares when you’re wiggling forward 🐛❤️

Wiggle into my messages if you need any support.

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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