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When life gives you Lemons, trade for Protein instead

Let me tell ya, Protein is worth the Lemon trade. If it were a pokemon, it would be a shiny Blastoise 🐢🤓🍋🤙

Why make lemonade, when a good old protein shake could…

- Help keep you feeling fuller for longer.

- Protein continuously helps you renew your tissues so you can grow and repair your muscles, hormones, connective tissue, enzymes… the list goes on!

- Extra protein can help aid your increase in strength and muscle mass and therefore improve your overall health and help you live longer than Harold Bishop has been on Neighbours (and he has done a STINT my friends- mad respect 🙌)

Wowa-wee wah!

So how much protein should you be getting?

- Try and aim for at least 1g per kg of body weight (this is close to minimal to avoid deficiencies) but a more optimal range will be between 1.6-2.2g per kg body weight if you are looking to maintain or improve your strength and muscle mass.

How do you get it all in your gob?

- Try and get your protein from whole food sources where possible.

- Try and distribute your protein intake across the day to make it more manageable.

- Eat it, drink it, fry it, grill it… BOP IT!! Whatever works for you!

Send me a message if you need any further protein suggestions, want to chat about your current intake or are part of the Harold Bishop fan club.

Everybody needs good neighbours. But the BEST neighbours gift you Protein.

Big love and Lemons, Meg 💛🍋✨

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