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Things I'll never say

  • “You just don’t want it enough”

  • “You need to try harder”

  • “I wouldn’t quite call it a pyramid scheme but…”

  • “Carbohydrates are evil”

  • “Try this meal replacement drink”

  • “Enjoy your cheat day”

  • “We’ve got burpees again today”

  • “You can sleep when you’re dead”

  • “You’ve got to win at all costs”

  • “This mascara has transformed my life”

  • “Treat them mean keep them keen”

  • “Fake it til you make it”

  • “It’s really easy”

  • “If I can do it, you can do it”

  • “Cut X out”

  • “Because I said so”

  • “Your training should always come first”

  • “I wish I was more selfless”

  • “I’m disappointed in you”

  • “You’re cancelled”

  • “You should be over Mufusa’s death by now” (🦁😭)

The list could go on.

There’s so many things you’ll never hear me say.

But what I WILL say is, if you want a coach who cares, who is authentic, leads from experience and heart and always try’s to do the right thing, then send me a message.

I think we’d get on well ❤️

Big love, Meg 💛

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