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They see me scrollin'

They see me scrollin’

How often do you catch yourself doing this?

Scrolling from one thing to the next without really absorbing anything?

Mindlessly repeating the same old habits?

Juggling three things at once so your best effort isn’t really going anywhere?

People create for hours and we consume it in seconds.

Not stopping to pause and appreciate.

Upping the pace.

Rarely checking in.

Time is your greatest currency.

Spend it wisely.

Learn to pause.

Appreciate the moment you’re in.

Notice and enjoy what you are consuming.

Have genuine interactions and conversations.

If time is your transaction, make sure you are spending it in a way that adds value.

Invest your attention in areas that will help you grow.

How are you going to show up with intent today?

Who/what is going to get your full attention?

Big love,

Meg 💛✨

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