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The Queen's Nose

I’m going to be really honest here… I’ve rubbed a good few 50ps in my time hoping that I’ve picked a magic coin that will grant me some wishes. 👀🪙

And whether you think you’re rubbing a magical coin or a magic lamp, it’s not the best look (I’ve taken one for the team and tried and tested this method for you - and I still haven’t been granted my wish of an acceptance letter to Hogwarts!!)

and there’s a much better alternative to wishes…

Instead of waiting to get lucky, set yourself goals and take small realistic steps towards achieving them. I guarantee you’ll get your wish sooner.

When setting goals for yourself, try and focus on the process instead of the outcome. Make your goals SMART:

Specific - A vague goal will give you vague results. What exactly do you want to accomplish? E.g. I want to perform full bodyweight push ups

Measurable - How will you know you’ve achieved your goal? How can you track this? E.g. I want to perform 5 full bodyweight push ups

Attainable - How can you make this work within your lifestyle? How realistic is your goal? E.g. If you’re a complete beginner at push ups, you will need to give yourself enough time to learn this movement from scratch and perform the different progressions.

Relevant - Is this goal relevant to your current life situation? Do you actually care about it? E.g. I want to get stronger this year so that I can feel more confident in my body and perform better in the gym. Therefore push ups will help me get closer to this bigger goal.

Time-Based - When can you realistically achieve this by? E.g. I want to perform 3 full bodyweight push ups by the end of April.

No more penny rubbing folks. Let’s get empowered and clued up on how to make wishes happen for ourselves.

Lets turn those wishes into goals and goals into actions.

Send me a message if you need some help getting started.

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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