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Sweat the small stuff

Sweat the small stuff.

The small stuff matters.

Daily habits.

The seemingly insignificant little actions.

Doing these consistently has the biggest impact on your success in achieving larger goals.

For example being late once is an accident.

But be late repeatedly and you’ll have created a bad reputation for yourself.

It also works the other way.

Meditating once will hardly change your life.

But meditate 5 mins daily?

You’ll soon have created a solid practice and valuable tool for your mental health.

Fuel your body well here and there.

And you’ll get here and there results.

Your investment in the small stuff is what creates the biggest return of interest.

Small daily actions form the base for your pyramid of change.

All the other ‘bigger’ goals you are working towards would fall apart without those compounding small actions forming a soIid foundation at the bottom.

So start sweating over those small daily actions.

Get saving.

Watch that interest build.

Because TEAM MEG METHOD has some big goals this year. We know exactly where we are headed and those small steps are going to take us places. Small but mighty 💪🚀🔥

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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