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Spice up your life

I have and always will worship the Spice Girls ✌🏼🇬🇧

Growing up with 3 brothers, I found it easy to fit in with the boys but I struggled to find my place as a girl.

I loved to play football but back then there wasn’t any local girls teams to play for and at school it was only me playing with the boys at break time.

I so often got referred to as a Tomboy because I didn’t seem to fit the ‘girl’ image.

‘But I'm not a boy? I'm a girl?!' was always my response.

It made me feel like sports wasn’t for me.

And then this group of girls came along.

A band made up of five girls, who looked completely different from each other, who sounded different, who each had their own personality or background and... it was ok. In fact it was CELEBRATED. You could be whoever you wanted to be.

I no longer had to be 'Tomboy', I could be 'Sporty Spice' or whatever type of girl or person I wanted.

It made me feel seen and realise that sports is for EVERYONE. Fitness is for EVERYONE.

What they say is true... If you see it, you feel like you can be it.

And it truly spiced up my life!

What is a limiting belief that you’ve had growing up?

Who has inspired you on your journey?

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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