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We live in a time where selflessness is championed.

We can wear it like a badge of honour.

But I propose that we stop considering our self LESS and start considering our self MORE.

And I genuinely believe that the world would be a better place for it.

You are the number one responsibility in your life.

The only thing you truly have control of is yourself and your own actions.

The quickest way to become disconnected is to get lost in thinking more about others than you think about yourself.

If you’re more concerned by what Pam (the random lady two treadmills down) thinks about you being in the gym, then how YOU actually feel about being in the gym - there is a disconnection there.

It doesn’t matter how Pam feels about you but it does matter how you feel about you.And if Pam was thinking about herself more and feeling confident in what she was doing, then she wouldn’t be concerned with what you were doing anyway.

You could both therefore be kinder and more connected to each other as a result.

See how that works?

If we can take the time to know ourselves as individuals: learn how we breath, learn how we move and learn how we think, then we can learn how to show up better for ourselves and others.

Do you know what your top values are?

Have you really sat and thought about what is most important to you right now?

Are your daily actions in line with those values?

Start to learn yourself. Get to learn who you are. Decide what is important to you and think about who you want to serve.

Knowing this will allow you to show up more confidently, help you own your actions and give you a direction in how you can show up for others.

This is a conversation far bigger than a social media post and I’d love to discuss this with people further. My messages are open if you have any thoughts to share.

I’m keen to listen.

Big love,

Meg 💛✨

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