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Rain on me

I woke up this morning and really didn’t feel like completing the 6 mile run I needed to do for my Ironmeg training today.

It was dark.

It was icy cold.

It had started to rain.

And I hadn’t gotten as much sleep as I’d hoped for the night before.

When I opened the door and saw fog too, I was smug with the confirmation that today was in fact not the best day to run.

But then I checked myself and remembered the power of Adversity Training.

If you’re looking for a reason not to do something, there will always be plenty. But if you can know your ‘why’ for training, then that one reason can be enough to prevail.

Adversity training is the act of showing up to train even when conditions are not optimal.

This type of training is very much needed in January. It’s the longest month. It’s dark. It’s cold. It’s right after extended time off at Christmas. It can come with the weight of new year’s resolutions. And all of this whilst money, energy and time is usually tight makes it a really difficult month to try make changes that stick.

Use this month as your adversity training. It’s not an ideal month to start something but you can show up anyway by starting to put small sustainable steps in place.

Don’t feel dejected by this month’s performance. Accept that you’ll need to try and fail a few times before you get your flow.

Understand that even though a session might not be your best, it can still be valuable.

Now this doesn’t mean training when really ill or dragging a broken leg along on a run in the name of adversity. That would not bring a positive outcome for your health.

But if you wait until you feel your ‘best’, you may never start.

Instead, if you can TRY your best even when the conditions aren’t the best, you will be creating a solid base that you can keep building on.

So into the fog of adversity we go, my friends 🚀

You might not have asked for it to rain on you but it doesn’t have to be a cause to stop you.

If you need some extra support this month then please send me a message. I’m happy to provide some light through the fog. 💡

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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