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Pick the last player first

Pick the last player first.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll never forget the feeling of being picked last for a team. The shame and feelings of low worth that can create, can stay with you a lifetime.

I recognised this in others and realised as young as primary school a secret to winning that has never let me down.

In any leadership position I’ve been given, I often pick the last player first. Whoever was last to be picked the week before, whoever doesn’t quite fit the criteria, will be first on my team the next time I’m Captain.

People usually look at me like I’ve lost my mind and they start laughing nervously, trying to work out what they’ve missed.

What they’ve missed is a huge opportunity. An opportunity to make someone else feel empowered.

And in my humble opinion, that is a big rookie mistake. Because when you empower someone, when you give someone VALUE, they become VALUABLE. They transform.

I want every person I coach to feel their value.

When you feel wanted, when you feel safe, when you feel supported, when someone believes in you, you can perform beyond what you originally thought was possible. When someone sees the best in you, you start showing up better.

Not out of fear of disappointing but because you understand your worth.

You realise you aren’t there by chance, you’re there by choice. You belong.

And this small decision has ensured me a win every single time. Because no matter the result, nobody on my team feels like a loser.

Instead of judging people on their last performance, start valuing their potential and you’ll always find yourself a winner.

You will never be my last choice. Everyone is welcome on my team.

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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