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My job is to create more leaders not followers

My job is to create more leaders not followers.

I could not give a flying monkey how many followers I have.

Hand on heart.

I really don’t care.

Because my job as a coach is not to get you to follow me.

My job is to coach you on how to become a leader.

I will teach you how to show up for yourself.

I will empower you to take consistent action.

I will help you grow in confidence.

I will encourage you to innovate.

I will educate you on how your mind and body works for you.

I will show you where to place your efforts so you can simplify your challenges.

You don’t need to follow in my footsteps.

You are far too brilliant for that.

You need to start making your own.

Send me a message and I’ll teach you how to lead.

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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