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Marie Kondo

What would Marie Kondo say about your training program?

When it comes to fitness, so many people choose to run before they can walk.

… and they don’t even LIKE running.

Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to leave you feeling like a battered cod for the rest of the week. It doesn’t always have to be a competition. And if anyone ever tells you ‘no pain, no gain’ then they’re being a bit of a Wally and you should ask them if they need a big ole hug!

I often get asked “Meg, what exercises should I be doing?”

And for sure, for certain training goals there definitely will be more specific exercises I would recommend.

But the key to starting is first moving. And one of the questions most people forget to ask themselves is: What exercises do I enjoy doing? What ‘sparks joy’?

Find a way to move YOUR body.

Choose an exercise YOU enjoy or think of a creative way to make it enjoyable. (A great podcast and a walk is 👌🔥😍)

Walking every day is 10x better then doing one workout with 200 burpees and never wanting to exercise again.

The more you enjoy something. The more you’ll want to repeat it. Repeat it enough times and you’ll create a habit. And those everyday positive habits are soon going to turn into some pretty awesome progress!

So if you’re not sure how to start… Pause. Take a breath. Make a note of some ways to move that you might enjoy. Call in those Marie Kondo vibes, pick one and go spark some bloody joy.

(Ain’t nobody complained about doing the cha cha slide one too many times ☝️)

Send me a message if you need some help.

Big love 💛, Meg x

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