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J'ai faim

J’ai faim.

I have hunger.

I personally love this French expression.

It makes a lot more sense to me than saying ‘I am hungry’.

Because you’re not, are you?

That would be silly.

Hunger is not your identity.

Saying that you ARE something can often suggest that it’s a fixed state.

That it’s all encompassing.

It doesn’t leave space for you to be anything else.

And I wish we’d approach a lot more things in life with this mindset.

You are a beautifully multi-faceted human made up of so many interesting quirks.

You are not just your job title.

You are not just your family role.

You are not just your sexual preference.

You are not just your gender.

You are not just a label.

I used to say I AM very independent. But that’s not true and that label no longer serves me.

I love my independence. But I also have so many wonderful people around me that I can lean on for support and who add value to my life.

I adore being a coach. It’s one of my favourite things in the world. But I also have many other skill sets and to improve in my coaching, I keep learning to wear many different hats.

I coach many people with learning difficulties but I promise you that’s the least interesting thing about them.

I hear many people say ‘I am a bad person’. Are you? Or have you just made some bad decisions?

I also hear people say ‘I am fat’. Are you literally ‘fat’? Because as far as I am aware that is impossible. Could you be currently holding more fat on your body than you would like?

I hope this post can provide you with some food for thought.

Ironically talking about all this food and hunger has made me have hunger.

Now do I want to be a croissant or have a croissant? That’s today’s big question… 🥐

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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