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Healing can feel really lonely

This is a truth that is not often spoken about.

Healing is 1000% worth it. But the journey can feel really lonely at times.

It can feel lonely to show up differently to what people expect from you.

It can feel lonely to let go of versions of yourself that no longer serve you.

It can feel lonely working out who you are.

But please know that even if it feels lonely sometimes, you are never alone.

One day you will be able to find peace in solitude.

You’ll learn that you don’t miss the old versions of yourself. You miss the feelings of safety that old narratives provided you.

Keep going.

Be proud of your journey so far.

And get excited for all of the people and opportunities your hard work will open you up to along the way.

My messages are always open if ever you need a chat.

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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