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Happy to learn to know you

I heard a German phrase on a tv show a couple of years back and it translated as “happy to learn to know you”.

And I’ve been obsessed with this phrase ever since.

I love people.

I love meeting people.

I love getting to learn about each other.

The light.

The darkness.

The joy.

The mess.

What makes us smile.

Shared values.

Healthy debates.

You can know the same person for years and still learn something new about them each time you’re together.

You can also live in your body for a whole lifetime and still learn new things about yourself from moment to moment.

It’s what makes coaching the best job in the world for me.

Because I’m genuinely so happy to learn to know you and I care about what you bring to this world. And I want to help you learn more about yourself.

I get messaged daily by people sharing their stories with me and it makes my day! So please send me a message and tell me a little bit more about your health journey so far as I’d love to learn to know you and if needed, work out how I can help you further on your health journey.

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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