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Forever the optimist

Forever the optimist.

I’ve been called this many times in my life.

And I’m often given a hard time about it.

It can frustrate others who do not think the same way.

Optimism can also be confused with toxic positivity.

But they are not the same thing.

To me, being an optimist does not mean I ignore problems and challenges and pretend everything is hunky dory.

It means that I believe that we are much more capable of overcoming challenges than we think.

Every day I strive to improve my ability to problem solve.

And I help my clients to do the same.

Ignorance is rarely bliss.

It keeps us stuck where we are.

It minimises our ability to judge our own performance and knowledge.

But optimism allows us to accept where we are at, be open to learn and build better solutions to move forward.

Where in your life could you benefit from a little more optimism?

I’ve got it in bucket loads if you need some support.

Forever the optimist, never the coward.

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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