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Forever a student

Forever a student.

I love not being a finished product.

I always want to be learning.

From my clients.

From my mentors.

From my peers.

It allows me to stay open.

Stay curious.

It encourages me to innovate.

Take up a space that was previously empty.

To step out of my comfort zone.

Discover something new about myself and others.

When we know better, we do better.

I believe that learning about your body and what it does for you should be mandatory education.

How many people learnt almost next to nothing about the menstrual cycle, hormones and the menopause at school? Yet It’s something over half the world population experiences or every single person on the planet knows someone who will experience these body changes.

How many people learnt about energy expenditure and the importance of nutrition at school? Most people learnt the bare minimum or the exercises they learnt were always applied to specific sports. Yet hey are crucial foundations for our health.

Educating my clients is something I insist on.

And most importantly how to actually APPLY that information to their lives.

If education is not made relevant to you then why would you care?

Why would you care about breathwork if you don’t know how it can transform your well being, recovery or performance?

Why would you want to focus on your daily step count if you didn’t know how it can drastically lower your risk of mortality from all causes? (Yup, you read that correctly 👀👌)

Quite simply, you wouldn’t. And that’s one of the many reasons I coach.

Because I want to help educate as many people as possible and help them learn how to apply this knowledge to their lifestyle (without giving up their whole life in the process!)

If learning is a membership then sign me up for life 🙋🏼‍♀️

I am Meggie Pan of the learning world - I never want to grow out of it 😂🧚‍♂️

If you are ready to learn and apply, then send me a message and say ‘hi’ 🤓

Learning about yourself is the greatest investment you will ever make.

You have one life. Own it.

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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