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People tend to love flowers.

We often see them as a gift. A token of our appreciation. Something we buy to make ourselves feel better.

They’re beautiful. They’re bold. They smell nice.

Yet that’s rarely the case when we first buy them.

They are usually a bit bedraggled in their container. There’s not much colour to them. The buds are closed and the scent isn’t strong as they haven’t quite blossomed yet.

But we buy them anyway. We invest in them because we can see their potential. We believe in what they could be.

We know that if we water them, give them nutrients, prop them up and put them in sunlight, then they will blossom.

We follow the process because we know it will be worth it.

We trust that they will bloom.

Invest in yourself.

You are worth it.

You deserve it.

Believe in your potential.

I’ll teach you how to follow the process.

I know how to help you blossom.

Trust that you will bloom.

Message me if you need any help 🌼🌻

Big love, Meg 💛✨

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