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Been there, done that, couldn't care less about the t-shirt

Been there, done that, couldn’t care less about the t-shirt.

I’ve had the salary job.

I’ve had my own office.

I’ve had the bonuses.

I’ve had the fancy title.

I’ve chased the life carrot.

I ticked all the boxes.

I’ve done the things society tells you to do to find a sense of worth.

And yet I’d never felt so lost.

Because something can only have worth if you deem it to be valuable.

And I was chasing a sense of worth that wasn’t my own.

None of the above were of high value for me.

I wanted to create connections.

I wanted to make an impact.

I wanted to build a community.

This is what is most important to me.

This is what I value.

This is why I became a coach.

Being a coach brings out the best in me.

I wear the t-shirt proudly.

And I work hard to bring out the best in others.

Whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re doing it, you deserve to do something you feel good about.

If you need support getting there, my messages are open and I’m happy to help :)

Have a fan-tabba-doozy week!

Big love,

Meg 💛✨

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