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Meg Walker Ironman Kalmar Finisher Fitness and Endurance Coach


Say goodbye to quick fixes.

You only get one life. You deserve to spend yours feeling fit, healthy and happy and I will show you that you don't need to give up your entire lifestyle to do so.

Transform your well-being with a customised coaching plan for lasting results.


What is 1-1 coaching?

Transform Your Life with Personalised Fitness and Wellness Coaching.

Discover the power of personalised coaching with THE MEG METHOD, where you are the hero of your fitness and wellness journey. I am committed to helping everyday people like you achieve incredible goals in fitness, wellness, and life.

Are you tired of struggling at the gym, trying lots of diets, and not seeing the results you want? Do you feel frustrated because you don't know which fitness routines to follow or how to stay healthy? Are you eager to change your life, both in terms of your body and mind, but don't know where to start?

I get how frustrated you must be, spending lots of time and effort on fitness without getting the results you hoped for (or feeling guilty for your lack of).

Going through diets that leave you feeling hungry, and workout plans that don't make a real difference can be really upsetting.

You might be annoyed by all the confusing advice from so-called fitness experts and wellness trends that promise big changes but don't deliver. Dealing with this back-and-forth can be exhausting, making you doubt if you can make lasting progress.

Well here's some good news: Your search for a real, lasting solution ends here. I offer 1-1 fitness coaching tailored to everyday people like you, individuals who are ready to set and achieve incredible fitness, wellness, and life goals.

My approach isn't a one-size-fits-all program or a fleeting fad; it's a comprehensive solution designed to empower you to take control of your health and transform your life. With our guidance, you'll discover how to break free from the cycle of disappointment and embark on a journey towards sustainable success.

My coaching aren't just about workouts and meal plans; it's a holistic approach that addresses both the physical and mental aspects of your well-being. I'll equip you with the knowledge, tools, and ongoing support to:

  • Set clear, achievable goals that align with your unique aspirations.

  • Create a customized fitness and nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle.

  • Cultivate the mindset and habits needed for long-term success.

  • Overcome obstacles and stay motivated, even on the toughest days.

  • Experience a profound transformation in how you move, think, and feel.

Don't let frustration and disappointment hold you back any longer. It's time to invest in yourself. It's time to start taking action. It's time to start getting the results that you are more than capable of.

I hope that's lit a metaphorical fire up your bum bum! Let's go!

What do I get with 1-1 Coaching?

My coaching features:

Customised Coaching Support: Tailored guidance to meet your unique needs and aspirations.

Monthly Review: Stay on track with regular progress assessments.

Access to Educational Resources: Equip yourself with knowledge for sustainable fitness.

Realistic Nutrition Targets: Practical nutrition guidance that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Goal-Oriented Training Program: Train effectively to achieve lasting results.

Weekly Check-Ins: Continuous support to keep you motivated and accountable.

1-1 Weekly Masterclass Calls (Waitlist Only): Dive deeper into your journey with expert insights.

Benefits of coaching

  • Get Results That Last: Effort that reflects in lasting, meaningful change.

  • Win the Mental Game: Cultivate a growth mindset for smarter, more efficient progress.

  • Supercharge Your Fitness: Unleash your true potential and breathe easier.

  • Make Your Efforts Count: Lead life on your terms, reducing anxiety and improving daily routines.

  • Train More Effectively for Your Goal: Achieve peak performance and efficiency.

  • Breathe More Efficiently and Reduce Anxiety: Find inner calm and physical vitality.

  • Create Effective Routines: Transform daily habits for lasting well-being.

  • Get the Most Out of Your Body: Optimize your physical capabilities.

What is not prioritising your health costing you?

  • Continued struggles with fitness and wellness.

  • Missed opportunities for personal growth.

  • Unfulfilled potential and self-doubt.

  • Frustration and dissatisfaction with her current situation.

Stop feeling stuck, frustrated, and uncertain about your potential.

Transform into a healthier, happier, and more empowered version of yourself, ready to conquer any fitness, wellness, or life challenge that comes your way.

Everyday heroes achieving extraordinary results

Working with Meg has helped me reconnect with my inner athlete and get back to doing activities that I love after years of missing them.  More than a fitness coach, Meg’s sessions include developing a positive mindset, breathwork practices and setting goals.

Kathy USA

Henry, UK

Trustworthy, engaging, encouraging, adaptable, honest, confident, hardworking, Loyal to no end. These are some of the many words that Meg Walker stands by during our coaching.
She has added structure to my life as well as the confidence I would need to start the day. She is not just for your physical health but your mental health as well. Trust me when I say that you could not ask for a more trustworthy coach.

Angela, USA

Meg is an extraordinary human being. All she wants to do is help people. She says what she means and means what she says. It is like Meg can see right into my heart. She helps me focus on my goals. She is always there for me. She listens to me. She encourages me. She genuinely cares.

Meg Walker Ironman Triathlete and Finisher. Marathon runner. Swimmer.
I've been around the block a few times...
  • 2x Guinness World Record Holder
  • 20x Marathon Finisher
  • Multiple Ironman Finishes

Got your own finish line dream?

Anything is possible. Let's make it happen.

You'll learn how to...

Train more effectively for your goal.
Achieve lasting results that reflect the effort you are putting in. 
Adopt a growth mindset.
Think smarter not harder.
Uncover your true potential.
Breathe more efficiently and quiet your busy mind.
Become a leader and start living on your own terms.
Switch on your ability to better rest, digest and reduce anxiety.
Create effective routines that transform your daily habits.
Get the most out of your body.


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"Every episode makes me feel a little more hopeful about the world!"

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Want to build muscle? Lose fat? Maintain?

No matter what your goal, this guide will help simplify key nutrition information that will help you on your journey.

This guide gives you actionable tips and all the knowledge you need to know on how to have a more sustainable approach towards nutrition. You won't believe how much value is packed into this FREE PDF for anyone trying to get fit!

nacho average nutrition guide for beginners free download


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