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Meg Walker Fitness and Wellness Keynote and Motivational Speaker (THE MEG METHOD)


Unlock Peak Performance and Well-Being for Your Team.

Unlock peak performance and wellness for your team

Are you ready to empower your employees to move, think, and feel better, both in and out of the workplace? I specialise in delivering dynamic wellness keynotes that inspire positive change within your organisation.


If you are reading this then it is likely because you care deeply about your people, and I share that same passion for helping individuals thrive.


I created THE MEG METHOD because I believe that when individuals move, think, and feel better, they not only unlock their true potential but also inspire greatness within their organisations. With a wealth of expertise and a lifetime of experiences, including completing 20 marathons, raising over £100,000 for charity and breaking Guinness World Records, I've shown time and again that ordinary people can achieve the extraordinary.


Let me help you and your team show up as your best selves, so you can do what you do best. 

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Unlock wellness potential

Discover the direct link between employee well-being, job satisfaction, and overall productivity. By focusing on employee health, you can reduce stress levels, enhancing both performance and overall happiness. Creating a positive workplace environment that embodies purpose, and well-being will naturally attract and retain top talent.

How much is poor health costing your people?

The hidden costs of overlooking employee health can be substantial. Workplace stress, fatigue, and disengagement can take a toll on your organisation's bottom line. Failure to address these issues may result in missed opportunities for growth and success.

All heroes need a guide

How much is poor health costing your people?


My mission is simple: to help people move, think, and feel better for life. There is not a single part of a person's life that isn't impacted by poor health. This effects how people show up at work, in relationships and in life.

Poor health not only costs us as individuals but everyone around us. 

In today's competitive landscape, maintaining a motivated, healthy, and high-performing workforce is vital. But here's the challenge: Poor health and low motivation are silently costing your business. Employee performance is stagnating, creativity is waning, and your organisation's growth is being held back. It's frustrating, stressful and a growing concern.

The trouble is, so much of the advice available is complicated, uninspiring and ineffective. Taking consistent actions towards improving your wellbeing takes effort, but it shouldn't be complicated. That's why my coaching approach is all about simplicity and sustainability. I have spent over a decade learning from and working with some of the best fitness and wellness coaches in the world. This has equipped me with a wealth of resources to help people move, think and feel at their best. I've helped thousands of people become a fitter, healthier and happier version of themselves. They no longer cruise through life, they show up each day in line with their values and motivate the people around them to do the same. They understand that not every day will be filled with passion but every day can be one of purpose.

Lets redefine wellness together and unlock your team's full potential.

Meg Walker Motivational speaking about Breathwork
Meg Walker Fitness and Wellness Keynote and Motivational Speaker (THE MEG METHOD)


Benefits of prioritising wellness

  • Well-being Enhancement: Empower your employees with practical strategies to improve their physical and mental health, effectively reducing workforce stress and anxiety.

  • Productivity Boost: Enhance employee engagement and performance by proactively addressing stress and disengagement, ultimately leading to increased productivity levels.

  • Talent Attraction and Retention: Cultivate a Positive Culture: Develop a workplace culture that not only attracts top talent but also retains valuable employees who feel genuinely valued and supported.

  • Job Satisfaction and Empowerment: Empower your employees to discover purpose and happiness in their roles, resulting in higher job satisfaction and a reduction in absenteeism caused by illness and stress-related issues.

  • Innovation and Creativity Drive: Foster innovation and creativity by nurturing a happier and healthier workforce, promoting collaboration, and generating creative solutions to business challenges.

  • Positive Organisational Culture Transformation: Transform your organisation's culture into one of well-being, positivity, and purpose through my inspiring keynotes.

  • Leadership Empowerment: Equip your leaders with the tools to lead by example, actively promoting wellness and resilience throughout the organisation.

  • Cost-Efficiency through Well-being: Realise cost savings by prioritizing employee well-being, which not only reduces healthcare costs but also enhances productivity and minimises turnover.

  • Competitive Advantage: Gain a competitive edge by maintaining a reputation and fostering a motivated, healthy, and engaged workforce that excels in delivering results.

What is not prioritising wellness costing your business?

  • Reduced Employee Well-being: This can lead to higher stress, lower mental and physical health, and more absenteeism due to illness or stress-related issues, impacting morale and productivity.

  • Challenges in Talent: Attracting and retaining top talent becomes difficult without a positive workplace culture, resulting in high turnover and increased recruitment and training expenses.

  • Job Dissatisfaction: Employees unhappy in their roles are more likely to leave, incurring recruitment and training costs and harming the company's reputation.

  • Innovation Hurdles: A disengaged workforce generates fewer innovative ideas and creative solutions, hindering adaptability and competitiveness.

  • Negative Culture: A lack of well-being focus can foster a negative organizational culture, contributing to dissatisfaction and disengagement among employees.

  • Ineffective Leadership: Leaders who don't prioritize employee well-being may struggle to motivate their teams, affecting organizational performance.

  • Higher Costs: Neglecting well-being can result in increased healthcare expenses due to stress-related illnesses and reduced productivity, while high turnover is costly.

  • Competitive Disadvantage: An unhealthy, unmotivated workforce and a negative reputation can impede the company's competitiveness and deter potential stakeholders.

Ready to elevate your team and embrace success? Book Meg today and embark on a journey toward a brighter, more productive future.

Why choose me?

Because I care just as much as you do.

Impact is one of my greatest values. I always want to leave people better than when I found them. However I don't expect you to just take my word for it. I'm committed to showing you through my actions.

Tell me, what results would you need to see from me, to make hiring me the best decision that you make this year?

Success stories

Meg, you're a miracle worker! I wanted to message and say I was so moved by your talk last month. It inspired me to start working on my breath and after following a couple of your tips, I've already seen massive improvements in not only my running performance but also my daily life. I've found that I'm able to concentrate better at work and I've been able to calm myself down whenever I start to feel anxious. The changes have been instant! I can't thank you enough!

Fitness Event Attendee, UK

Youth Leadership Summit, USA

Miss Meg taught me that my voice is important and not to be scared to use it more. She has made me feel more confident in myself. She's also taught me how to calm my own body down whenever I feel overwhelmed.

Active Learning, UK

"Meg has been a catalyst for transformation in our team. She embodies empathy and authority. She really took the time to understand our message, our current challenges and what we hope to inspire. She means it when she says she cares. She has inspired a profound shift in our team's mindset. This has created a noticeable boost in productivity and unity amongst our team. We can't wait to have her back!"

We were blown away by Meg's online workshop. Her energy was infectious. You'd never had guessed she was the other side of the world as she made us all feel like she was right there in the room with us. We really appreciated how much she clearly cared about making an impact. She went above and beyond to create a talk that was personal to our audience and was both informative and engaging. She brought such a wealth of knowledge and we appreciated how much actionable advice our audience was able to takeaway with them. We are still receiving positive feedback about the workshop.

Global Mental Health & Wellness Summit, Online

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I look forward to hearing how you and your people are showing up in the world. Let's continue to create impact together!

Meg Walker Swimmer and Endurance Triathlete London (THE MEG METHOD)


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