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By Meg Walker


3 FEB 2023

4 MEGNOTES - Personal thoughts that I would like to share with you.

2 CONVERSATIONS - Discussions that have inspired me this week.

3 RESOURCES - 1 quote, 1 resource and 1 idea to help you grow.

1 QUESTION - How would YOU answer it?



1. Last week was my 30th birthday or as I like to call it, my ‘level up’ day. Birthdays are special even if you are not particularly keen on celebrating them, as they represent a new opportunity to level up. It’s an opportunity that is not promised, so I am always grateful to have reached another life level. They serve as a reminder of the journey that you have taken so far and offer a chance to reflect on your achievements and growth.

2. To mark the occasion, I decided to share thirty of the many lessons I have learnt so far. Life is a journey, and we collect lessons along the way. As we discussed last week, just like exercise, life may not get easier, but we can get better at handling it. With practice and perseverance, we can grow and improve our ability to handle life's challenges.

3. The biggest lesson I've come to understand in life is that nobody has a perfect plan. It's like baking a cake without a recipe. We add a pinch of this and a dash of that, hoping it will turn out just right. Some ingredients may not work well together, and we may have to make adjustments on the fly. But in the end, we end up with a unique creation that's all our own. Life is like that too, we don't have a set recipe to follow, but we create our own path and make the most of what we have. So, let's embrace the uncertainty and enjoy the process of discovery. We may not know how it will turn out, but that's the beauty of life.

4. Age is just a number, and the idea that "it's all downhill from X age" is just not true. Each year is a new chapter, a fresh opportunity to live fully, love deeply, and grow fearlessly. Our lives may not look like we envisioned at 30, but that's what makes them beautiful. We've never been this age before, and the excitement of the unknown is what makes life worth living. With each year that passes, we become stronger, braver, and more connected to our true selves. It's humorous to see the young longing for experience, while the experienced long for innocence, but after 30 years, I've decided to just be me. This moment is all we have, and this new age is a chance to embrace the journey with open arms and an open heart, for who knows what amazing experiences await us.


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THE MEG METHOD: 30 Life Lessons

In this episode, I share 30 life lessons that I've learned over the years. How many of these life lessons can you relate to?

If you haven’t listened yet, please listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. You can also watch on Youtube


HOW TO FAIL: Jacqueline Wilson

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day is a podcast that celebrates the things that haven’t gone right. Every week, a new interviewee explores what their failures taught them about how to succeed better. In this episode, Dame Jacqueline Wilson, a beloved children’s author of over 100 books, shares her life story so far and her failure to be practical, her failure as an actress and her failure to be healthy. I particularly enjoyed the thoughts Jaqueline had to share about ageing.


If you haven’t listened yet, please listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.



"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why" - Mark Twain

This quote is a wake-up call, reminding us that finding our purpose in life is essential for our happiness and overall sense of fulfillment. And the same goes for your fitness journey. It's important to figure out your why when it comes to improving your health. Why do you want to get fitter, stronger, and healthier? Knowing your why gives you direction and a sense of purpose. It makes the tough days worth it, because it's bigger than just you. It's a driving force that helps you push through when you want to give up. So, what's your ‘why’ in your fitness journey? Figure it out and let it motivate you to greatness!



My Kind of People hosted by Meg Walker

As well as coaching, I am the host of ‘My Kind of People’ podcast. My Kind of People is a podcast celebrating leaders and community members from across the world who all share a passion for positive change. Each week we explore the power of community, leadership, passion and positivity and the beauty that can be created when these values come together. If you want to learn from some incredible humans and hear about their own unique life lessons, then this is the podcast for you. I’ve personally learnt and grown so much since I started creating the podcast. It’s an honour to share so many inspiring life stories with you.

If you haven’t listened yet, please listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

You can also watch episodes on Youtube.



Trust peoples repeated behaviour - Trust is the foundation of all relationships, and it starts with trusting ourselves. But when it comes to trusting others, pay attention to the actions beyond their words. People's repeated behaviour is the most accurate indicator of who they are and what they stand for. It's easy to be fooled by charm or words, but actions speak louder than anything else. Surround yourself with people whose actions align with their words and values. Trusting ourselves and others is not always easy, but it's essential for building authentic, meaningful connections.

Trust Peoples Repeated Behaviour.jpeg


“What are the most important lessons you've learned in your life so far?”

(Why not use this week's big question as a journal prompt to reflect on where you are currently at in your life and explore new ways to celebrate what you’ve learnt so far?)
Want to share your discoveries? Send me a DM on Instagram @themegmethod or email me.
Life is for living. Don’t let the past and the future take you away from the present moment for too long.


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1. If you're wanting to improve your health this year, I have coached thousand’s of people to improve their fitness, breathwork and mindset through both 1-1 or group coaching:


  • 1-1 Coaching: An opportunity to work closely with me through live Masterclass sessions or bespoke monthly training plans. Whether your goal is around fitness, nutrition, mindset and/or breathwork, I can help you create lasting change (and I’ll prove to you that you can still enjoy life while doing so).

  • Connective Collective: This is an incredible community space where you can share your wins and struggles with people on a similar journey to you. You also have direct access to me, incredible resources and my exclusive live Breathwork and Meditation sessions.

 2. Fitness, health and mindset coaching advice via my two podcasts:

  • THE MEG METHOD Podcast: A podcast that provides you with actionable advice and tools on how to create a foundation for better health. Available to watch on Youtube or listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or via your favourite podcast platform.

  • My Kind of People Podcast: Learn from some of the most incredible minds on the planet. Each episode, I speak with leaders and community members from across the world who all share a passion for positive change. Available to watch on Youtube or listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or via your favourite podcast platform.

Be kind. Breathe deep. Speak soon.

Big love, Meg x

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